The All-Star Guide to Persuasive Presentations

Are you nervous about pitching your business? Not prepared for your next presentation? Use this guide to prepare yourself to speak with confidence.

CEO Stage Fright?

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It’s time to perfect your pitch.

Your message is unclear, your slides are tacky and you sweat uncontrollably under the spot light. But as an entrepreneur or business owner, you know that getting up in front of a crowd and clearly conveying your idea is a necessity.

A pitch that connects and converts isn’t just about getting people to believe you, it’s about moving people to act. Whether speaking to a small group or a large crowd, you can deliver your message in a way that is confident, authentic and persuasive – without being pushy.

This program will help you do that.

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Be an ace in no time.

Master Messaging

Pretty pictures are fine, but your message is what really counts. We’ll teach you to convey your message in an impactful way.

Own Delivery

Poor eye contact, word garbage and reading from slides are unacceptable. We’ll help you identify your presentation style and perfect the art of delivery.

Perfect Visuals

Literally the icing on the cake. You’ll get an understanding of how to design and employ visuals that will enhance your presentation instead of distract from it.

Nail Timing

Time is money and audiences have short attention spans. Learn how to craft your pitch in multiple time frames including elevator (:60) and 5-minute pitches.

Put our expert team to work.

Join us for our next 8-week interactive program that will change the way you present yourself and your business. We’re prepared to help you craft your pitch, ‘wow’ any crowd, make more sales and raise that round of capital.

Whether you’re a first time founder or serial entrepreneur; business kingpin or shy tech guy, our course will mold you into a pitching ace!

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